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Time to Our Saturday November 9 "Time Traveler Reunion" Theme Contra Dance








Our Upcoming 2019 Contra Dances

We’re now dancing at the Fraternal Order of Eagles in a large, splendid hall, located at 1601 East Washington Ave, Las Vegas NV 89101
(That’s kitty-corner from the Area 51 minor league ballpark)

Now for Our Saturday Evening Dances & Revised Themes

Jan 12-Black, White, & Sparkles
Feb 2-Groundhog Day
Mar 23-Cat in the Hat
Apr 6-Roaring 20s (complete with an afternoon picnic at FOEs park)
May 11-Cowboy Helldorado Trails
Jun 8-Summer Camp
Jul 13-Biggar Memorial Dance: To The Moon & Back 50th Anniversary
Aug 10-Woodstock 50 Years Later
Sep 14-International Dot Day Returns
Don’t worry SciFi Contra fans. We will land a date in 2020.
Oct 12 Dance was cancelled to permit a major FOE fundraiser for their HVAC system (See you in November!)
Nov 9-OK Dr Who fans, our theme is “Time Traveler Reunion”
Dec 7-A Walk Down Sesame Street (Another 50th Anniversary Celebration)

We have live music provided for all our dances, such as 112 And Then Some, as well as Sagebrush & Shamrocks. Both are local Las Vegas bands.

New to Contra?  Plan on registering by 6:15 pm. Our beginner class runs from 6:30 — 7:00 pm, with our dance commencing immediately afterward and running to 9:30 pm.

Don’t be shy If you are new to Contra dance, relax. There’s no need to bring a partner. We change partners with every dance and you’ll soon be stomping and whirling with the best of us in no time!

Note for Beginners Our brief class is available to anyone paying for the evening of dance. Please arrive early. The sooner you pick up our common figures (Do-Si-Do, Allemande Left, California Twirl, etc.), the sooner you will thoroughly enjoy dancing with us!

Price for Admission Only $10 for SNOCD members (with annual membership renewal in January), as well as active military personnel/family and anyone 26 and under with a current student ID card.  students.
It’s $15 for non-SNOCD members (think again about being a member, it pays for itself quickly while you have fun dancing)
Note children 12 and under are only $5.

The SNOCD Annual Membership Renewal is only $20/individual or $35 for a Couple or Family (Same as 2018)
New SNOCD Membership is $25/individual or $40 for Couple or Family — still a bargain for dancing to a live band!

Have an 8 or Older Child? You are welcome to have them join us on the dance floor. They’ll have more fun than texting and will learn early the life-long pleasure of dance!