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Our Upcoming 2020 Contra Dances

We’re now dancing at a splendid hall, here in Las Vegas NV

Our Saturday Evening Dances & Themes 2020 Confirmed Dates
Jan 4 Theme: Blue & Silver
Feb 1 Theme: Mardi Gras
Mar 7 Theme: Birds, Bees & Butterflies
Our Aprii through September 2020 dance dates listed below have been canceled as we are still under Phase 2 reopening directives, preventing our dance hall from being open.
We share your interest in both suppressing the COVID-19 spread while looking forward to the time we can enjoy Contra dancing.
Apr 4, May 9, June 6, Jul 11, Aug 1, Sep 5

Further note that due to continued COVID-19 restrictions on assembly & social distances both our Oct 10 and Nov 7 dances have been canceled.

We ask that you still hold the following dates below on your calendar as we await a complete lifting of restrictions.
Dec 5 New Theme: Winter Wonderland

We are happy we have two local bands providing live music for our dances:  112 And Then Some, as well as Sagebrush & Shamrocks.

To receive monthly emails on where we meet, directions to our hall, and other Contra events we have planned, please go to our MailChimp email registration link here:

After registering, you will receive an email requesting confirmation. Please check your spam folder if you did not receive this email, as confirmation is needed to receive our monthly dance details. Thanks!

Once we are able to resume, we will let you know in advance of our “welcome back to Contra” dance!


If you are New to Contra?
Plan on registering by 6:15 pm. Our beginner class runs from 6:30 — 7:00 pm, with our dance commencing immediately afterward and running to 9:30 pm.
Don’t be shy If you are new to Contra dance, relax. There’s no need to bring a partner. We change partners with every dance and you’ll soon be stomping and whirling with the best of us in no time!
Note for Beginners Our brief class is available to anyone paying for the evening of dance. Please arrive early. The sooner you pick up our common figures (Do-Si-Do, Allemande Left, California Twirl, etc.), the sooner you will thoroughly enjoy dancing with us!
Have an 8 Year Old or Older Child? You are welcome to have them join us on the dance floor. They’ll have more fun than texting and will learn early the life-long pleasure of dance!