Southern Nevada Old Time Country Dancers

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Our New Board for 2016/2017:

Al Hannenberg, President
Renee Halm, Vice President
Eileen Hug, Treasurer
Minda Hannenberg, Secretary

Carol Shute
Dennis Bumford
Esther Weinstein
Kitti Canepi


Norma had dedicated herself to advancing Contra for our pleasure and keeping Contra here in Las Vegas strong. She personally arranged for our dances to always be graced with either of two wonderful, local bands. She not only diligently has added to our repertoire an infusion of very new and old dances, but called them as well--year-end, year-out.

On March 25, thanks to Linda--Norma's sister we celebrated Norma's life at the Springs Preserve, sharing how her life touched so many of us.

As we soon move into 2018, we'll keep Norma in our thoughts, with special programming to keep her memories (and her Contra energy) alive.



A few regular members, officers and directors of our group perform many of the functions that allow us to continue to dance. 

We encourage all our dancers to help us in the setup and takedown of our chairs and tables. Also, we would appreciate members bringing in a snack to share during our break time.

If you are interested in helping us in any other way, please contact any of our officers and directors

To receive our weekly update of dancing in the Las Vegas area, please send your request to

Note that is the official site for the SNOCD (Southern Nevada Old-Time Contra Dancers)

We are grateful to the City of Las Vegas, Office of Cultural Affairs for providing us with a wonderful venue for offering our Contra, English and Scottish Country Dance. We also wish to express our thanks also to the National Folk Organization, charged with advancing and preserving the folk arts.

While Charleston Heights Arts Center has been renovated, we have continued to have Contra, thanks to Boulder City Parks & Recreation allowing us to use their dance floor at the Old Power & Light building.

We would welcome any photos, or video you've taken of our most recent, or previous dances, balls and performances, to add to our pool of photos to use on our website. If you have any you'd like to share, kindly pass them along to Al Hannenberg at an upcoming dance. Both Al & Marcia will be managing the website, as well as our new meetup site.  Alternatively, you can forward them to:

Many thanks!