Southern Nevada Old Time Country Dancers
All ECD Classes are being held at the Winchester Cultural Center every Thursday from 6pm sharp to 7:50pm

Above is a video of members of our group in 2009, before we moved from the Jewel Box at the Clark County Library over to our larger dance floor at the Charleston Heights Arts Center
Why not become a 'fan' of English Country Dancing and join us on a Thursday evening.
Are you sure Moira doesn't moonlight at the Las Vegas Goretorium?
Many thanks goes to Marsden--our dance mistress, who not only is preparing us for the dances at the Jane Austen Ball in Pasadena CA this January, but who has once again been asked to call the dances at the Ball. We are indeed fortunate to have such a talented instructor and friend here in Las Vegas!!!
Our Thursday Class is now preparing our dancers for the 2017 Annual Pride, Prejudice, & Zombies dance in Boulder City Saturday Oct 28.

We also are practicing for the upcoming January 2018 Jane Austen Ball in Pasadena as well. 

Come join us!. There's plenty of time left to sew your own gown (or ghoulish costume)  and practice for the upcoming dances here in Las Vegas.

Ladies also enjoy dancing with Marsden's husband--Bruce, who has a smile, wit and a most delightful flair for embellishing a dance.
We learned from Kill'n Kelly (see below action photo) how to defend ourselves from Zombies at our 1st ever Pride, Prejudice & Zombies dance on Oct 22, 2011.

As a few of us survived our very first PPZ dance, we thought we'd hold a  2nd "Zombie" dance on Sep 29 2012. Carol added to the charm of the dance, by loaning us several Mummies, that were appropriately  'dressed' up by several of our local Zombies. Thanks, they were fantastic!!! We also had quite a spread of deserts, courtesy of our dancers, including a graveyard cake and (Tombstone?) pizza. Thanks much to all who shared, by bring a dish. As fortunes would have it, we were able to have our 3rd PPZ dance during 2013 on The Day of the Dead, on November 2nd.

Seeing that we had started a tradition, we had our 4th PPZ dance, on Nov 1st, 2014 (Day of the Dead) and on Halloween 2015 (theme was 'Fangs for the Memories').

Our 6th PPZ dance at Boulder City in 2016 had a 'Nevermore' theme, with black winged dancers.

This brings us to our 7th 2017 PPZ, with the theme, 'Game of Bones'.

Stay tuned and alive for this upcoming hallowed event!

Zombies, please note that the Ghost Reel was at a "killer" pace!
Nobody said that our PPZ dance wasn't dangerous....
Some of our guests preferred bite-sized portions

Thanks to all who continued to dance with us, as our English Country Dances moved from CHAC to the Winchester Cultural Center.

For Directions to our Thursday location, please consult our Directions page, or use Mapquest, or Google Maps to assist you.

The address is at 3130 South Mcleod, Las Vegas NV 89121
in Room A.


Evenings in "Merry Old England"

English Country Dance is the elegant cousin of contra dancing, with many of the same moves. The music is chamber music, rather than the fiddling tunes we have with our delightful Contra bands. Court and country dances originated in the 17th through the 19th centuries have been preserved and are still danced, with dances choreographed to specific tunes.

As chamber music comes in all tempos, expect both sedate and lively tunes to dance. An evening of English Country Dance and the music itself can take our imagination to far away places ... and then back to the present, with a smile from your partner, or perhaps laughter as a set has discovered a new way to execute, or (briefly) forget a dance!

Do come and join the fun. Marsden Macrae-our dance mistress has a vast knowledge of quirky historical anecdotes about dances, costumes and customs, which she shares with us throughout the evening.

We are gifted to have not only Marsden, but her husband-Bruce who has a flair for taking seemingly nondescript dance patterns and imparting a touch of elegance, reverence, or at the extreme opposite end of the spectrum, a clownish rendition that can leave us in stitches! As Bruce has set certain expectations on dance interpretation, it does rub off on fellow dancers and our dancing is rendered anything but stuffy. It's fun and it is best experienced on our dance floor.

Some of our Thursday evenings are focused on an English Country Dance performing group, which dances in a number of venues. The dance selections can extend back to Elizabethan times. We have danced in 2010 at the April Highland Games at Floyd Lamb Park and at our October Las Vegas Renaissance Faire. All dancers are however, welcome to attend the dance sessions.

Note that there is a slight charge to dance, as we pay for our dance hall, dance mistress and underwrite part of the Jane Austen Ball we are happy to now present each year.
Some of us cannot get rid of the Jane Austen era dance bug, so we look for opportunities to also dance in our Regency apparel at Balls within driving distance of Las Vegas. We have thoroughly enjoyed the annual January Jane Austen Ball in Pasadena CA and the Playford to the Present Ball, also held in Pasadena. This group of ours is an avenue to experiencing the greater community of English Country Dance enthusiasts. We extend an invitation for you to 'catch the bug!'

ECD Performance Photos

Below are photos taken of the Coreathea performing group in October 2011 at the Renaissance Faire in Las Vegas
Below, you will find photos taken at our 2nd Jane Austen Ball.