Southern Nevada Old Time Country Dancers
We were delighted to have visiting us in November 2013 Chris & Phyllis, who regularly dance in San Antonio Texas! We left them with some "new" dances to bring home, including The Iona Cross, taught by Daniel, our guest teacher.

We performed at this year's Clark County Something Scottish festival held at West Sahara Library. We were delighted to have Sara joining us on the demo team. Our thanks go out to Clark County & the St Andrews Society that sponsored this wonderful event. Special thanks goes to Marsden for teaching & developing our team!

Our demo group in April 2012 performed for the 3rd consecutive year at the Celtic Gathering & Highland Games.
Our four suites of dances also included the Kandahar Reel!!!

April's demo group, led by Marsden Macrae had Amy, Eileen, Jeanne, Minda, Norma and Rachael, with Al, Andrew, Daniel and Paul.  Bruce acted as photographer this time 'round, but will join us as time permits.


Special thanks goes to Diana, who created some absolutely gorgeous embroidered T-Shirts!!!!!

The Poway CA group wanted to get their hands on those "left" & "right" embroidered shirts--Minda told them they'd have to join our demo team first.


Joining us Friday Feb 18th in 2011 were Bob & Marisol McRae (see photo below), visiting from British Columbia. It's nice to know no matter how far you can be from home, there's Contra, English Country, or Scottish Country Dancing to enjoy here in Las Vegas!
Below, you will find an example of how Scottish Country Dance is kept very much alive! Two soldiers from the Black Watch 3rd Battalion of the Royal Regiment of Scotland recently devised this wickedly energetic Kandahar Reel dance while stationed in Kandahar Afghanistan.

The Kandahar Reel seems like it could get out of hand quickly (there are rotor motions to mimic a twin-rotor helicopter and a behind-the-back handhold). Fortunately, Marsden, our dance mistress has been breaking down the dance in bite-size chunks and we should have "lift off" by late Winter.
Scottish Country Dance
We fielded our (expanded!) demo team at the Celtic Gathering & Highland Games in April 2012, performing four suites of dances, including the Kandahar Reel!
One of our Friday night classes

Our 2018 Scottish Country Dance Classes

From 6:30pm to 8:45pm

Check our Home page for dates where w are at CHAC, or at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints--at 1525 Guilford Drive in Henderson


What's this? Men dancing in kilts? Women dancing like thistle down? It must mean there's something brewing here at the Charleston Heights Arts Center, and it's surely not Newcastle Ale.

We are delighted to have Scottish Country Dancing as part of the Southern Nevada Old Time Contra Dancers monthly program and have Marsden Macrae as our Dance Mistress, who is certified with the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society (RSCDS). We find Marsden to be witty, encyclopedic and funny. And yes, she can point out our dance miscues, but she also explains and shows us how to become better dancers. That's one reason why our dancing has improved steadily through the year, tackling more challenging dances and being able to perform before an audience.

We offer regularly on Friday evenings Scottish dance classes that are open to all, from beginners to advanced dancers. We start each session with warm-ups that are useful in preparing us for slow, but measured dance steps, or vigorous jigs. We then move into elements of form in dance movement. Note that these initial session elements are useful for beginner and advanced dancers, as (for a beginner) it's easier to dance when being familiar with the different Scottish dance steps and for advanced dancers, it's a great way to catch up with friends who haven't answered our Facebook messages (Oops, did I say that? We are, off course, always listening to our dance mistress.)

Enough said! Why don't you give Scottish a try? It really is fun. To get the most comfort dancing Scottish, we recommend that you bring along a pair of comfortable, soft soled shoes. Kilts, sashes, or ghillie shoes are not necessary, but would be welcomed!

Our cost is $5 for general admission, $4 for members of the Southern Nevada Old-Time Contra Dancers, or $3 for advance purchase of five tickets. Further note that tickets must be used within six months of issuance and are not refundable.

Where we have performed in Las Vegas:
- The Celtic Gathering and Highland Games in April 2010, 2011, 2012 2013 & 2014 at the Floyd Lamb Park
- The Something Scottish Festival at the West Sahara Library in 2011 2012, 2013 & 2014
- We also attended in 2010 & 2011 the Blessing of the Kilts at the St George Anglican Church, afterwards providing outdoors a merry suite of dances
- In 2015, we also joined St George Anglican Church in a celebration, providing a suite of dances
- The Burns Supper at Lawry's Restaurant in 2010, complete with a grand entry, bringing in the Haggis.